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Design Team

Instructional Staff

Jodie Rhodes: Program/Show Coordinator 

Mark Moreno: Visual Designer

Ryan George: Wind Arranger

Russell Wharton: Percussion Arranger 

Justin Shelton: Electronics Designer

Jonathan Yoo: Electronics Consultant

Austin Byers and Khalil Sanders: Movement Designers 

Glenn Fugett: Program Consultant/Clinician


Gino Cipriani: Program Consultant/Clinician


Keith Lancaster: Program Consultant/Clinician

Jonathan Yoo: Program Consultant/Clinician

Katie Vandoren: Program Consultant

Larry Matysiak: Band Clinician

Dana Sedatole: Band Clinician

Cary Cochenour: Visual Instructor

Sam Belcher: Visual Instructor

Alex Easley: Visual Instructor

Grant Johnson: Visual Instructor

Annika Becker: Visual Instructor

Dayne Corrallo: Visual Instructor

Sean Picot: Visual Instructor

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