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Specific Ways Your Sponsorship Dollars Can Support the 2023 Program - Along the Edge

  • Guard Flags ($5,000)

  • Props ($600)

  • Guard Uniforms (4,000)

  • Guard Performance Floor ($2,000)

  • Guard Sabres ($1,000)

  • Guard Rifles ($500)

  • Guard Rifle Tape (Black, White & Strapping Tape)($300)

  • Guard Pole Vinyl ($100)

  • Additional Ice Machine ($7,000)

  • Attract & Retain Quality Auxiliary Staff with Competitive Pay Rates (need additional $10,000+)

  • Copy Machine ($3,000)

Sponsor Cover Letter:

Sponsorship Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in sponsorship opportunities with the Cypress Woods Marching Band and NOVA Dance Company. We're excited you want to be part of the Wildcat Family! Just to give you a little background...

Band programs like ours operate through two primary sources of funds, District money and Band Booster money.


District Money – The district pays for our standard uniform, some instruments, salaries for the permanent staff, and travel to UIL events. The district also helps with additional budgets for some of our repair of school instruments, supplies, clinicians, and some marching band expenses.


Booster Money – The cost to operate our program is roughly $250,000 over what is provided by the district funds. These additional expenses include, but are not limited to, the cost to write the marching show (drill and music), show design, props, pit crew projects, guard costumes, flags, clinicians, techs, auxiliary staff, contest day meals, non-UIL contests (travel, meals, and entry fees), capital improvements, and more.


The Boosters cover these additional expenses through band fees and fundraising. But with COVID, supply chain issues, and the rising cost of everything, our fees and fundraising efforts simply aren’t enough. That’s where you come in. We need sponsors like you to help bridge the gap. ​


Our corporate sponsorships allow companies or small businesses to show their financial support for our marching band program. Sponsor levels start at $250 and go as high as $10,000+. Pre-set reward levels are based on size of donation. CLICK HERE to download the Corporate Sponsorship form for complete details.


We frequently get asked by parents, grandparents, alumni, and family/friends of students how they can help. We have three levels of sponsorship for Friends and Family members to show their support: Friend of the Band ($100-$499), Patron ($500-$999) and Conductor ($1000+). Each level carries with it certain benefits. CLICK HERE to download the Friends and Family Sponsorship form for complete details. 

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