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Booster Board officers & Chairs

To email, click on the Officer or Chair you are trying to reach. 


President: Carrin Booth

Vice President: Michelle Jendral

VP of Fundraising: Kim Fenney

Treasurer: Val Therrien

Assistant Treasurer: Mary Pat Christ

Secretary: Stephanie Murdoch


Chaperone Chair: Martha Price

Chaperone Co-Chair: Ionna Chowdhury

Flag Fundraiser Chair: Anna Lewis
First Aid/Water Chair: Jill Milkovisch
First Aid/Water Co-Chair: Kim Scherzer
First Aid/Water Co-Chair: Stephanie Ferreira

First Aid/Water Co-Chair: Brenda Myers

Hospitality Chair: Suzy Weaver

Hospitality Co-Chair: Kristin Escobar
Photography: Sandra Martinez

Pit Crew: John Fenney

Spirit Shop Chair: Kylie Holbrook

Uniform Chair: Bridget Kaminski-Tabourne

Uniform Co-Chair: Ashley Taylor

Uniform Co-Chair: Wendy Mancuso

Uniform Co-Chair: Kristi Knight

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